Should you find someone's belongings you often have no way of returning them to the owner - now you can thanks to MyTAG! 

MyTAG enables customers to securely tag and register their most treasured belongings from; pets to mobiles, cameras, laptops, keys or luggage - so that if lost, they can be reunited with their owners quickly and hassle free.  

A few easy steps to follow
Once you receive your new MyTAG product, you will need to:
Step 1 Register it - by going on line and creating your account
Step 2 Create your personal Profile

Creating your Profile
This is where we encourage you to add up to 5 emergency contacts, so that in the event your item is found and we can’t reach you, we are able to alert someone else. If you are creating a Guardian Profile for yourself or a Pet Profile you might want to include other useful information, such as medical information, Doctor, or any allergies.  Take a look at MyTAG for Pets for guidance upon what to include within your Pet Profile. Your Profile is completely secure and free to change at any time – so if you change your mobile number, or move house remember to keep it up to date!

To explain how it works
If someone finds your car keys for example, MyTAG will contact you instantly by text or email. If we can’t reach you, we’ll automatically notify the additional emergency contacts that you provided within your profile. If your Guardian profile includes any personal information, we’ll make sure this is shared too so that you receive the best possible care. 

Up to 4 methods of alert to get you and your items home quickly and safely!
Our unique ID tags display up to 4 methods of contact:

  • our website address
  • a QR Code
  • our 24 hour UK contact centre telephone number 
  • inbuilt NFC technology 

Type, Scan, Call or Tap – either way the finder gets connected fast to MyTAG’s lost and found recovery team.

As a special thank you from us to the finder – we always send the finder a gift.