Owning a pet is a big responsibility and lots of fun too! To make sure your pet is kept safe and secure all of our pet ID tags have a unique identification number that links you to your pet 24/7, wherever you are in the world. If your pet goes wandering or you get accidentally separated we can help reunite you with your pet within a matter of minutes - as opposed to days.

Take note - by 2016 it will be a legal requirement for all dog owners to keep contact details up-to-date.

A few easy steps to follow
Once you receive your new tag, you will need to:
Step 1 Register it - by going on line and creating your account
Step 2 Create a pet profile

Your Pet Profile
This is where we encourage you to add up to 5 emergency contacts, such as your vet, dog walker or neighbour, so that in the event your pet is found and we can’t reach you, we are able to alert someone else. Within your new profile, you might want to include other useful information, such as any health problems, special dietary needs, microchip number, as well as photographs of your pet. It’s completely free to change – so if you change your mobile number, or move house you must remember to keep it up to date!

To explain how it works
If your pet goes missing you simply make just one phone call to us, we’ll then immediately notify vets, wardens and rescue centres within a 25 mile radius of last sighting. We will also send missing reports to major lost and found pet websites.  And by logging into your account, you’re able to download and create missing posters to help with your search.

If someone finds your pet, MyTAG will contact you instantly by text or email. A GPS map is also provided which pinpoints the exact location for you. If we can’t reach you, we’ll automatically notify the additional emergency contacts that you provided within your pet profile. If your profile includes any medical or special dietary information, we’ll make sure this is shared too so that your pet can be taken good care of before you are reunited. 

Up to 4 methods of alert to get your pet home quickly and safely!
Finding a pet can be stressful too and time matters. Our pet ID tags display up to 4 methods of contact:

  • our website address
  • a QR Code
  • our 24 hour UK contact centre telephone number 
  • inbuilt NFC technology 

Type, Scan, Call or Tap – either way the finder gets connected fast to MyTAG’s lost and found recovery team.

As a special thank you from us to the finder – we always send the finder a gift.

It's important to choose the right pet ID tag - take a look at the table below which explains the features and benefits of each level of service.

FREE Wallet Recovery Card
With every pet ID tag purchase we give away a free MyTAG Wallet Recovery Card which contains MyTAG’s 24/7 contact number, website address and your PIN number. Remember to write your pet ID tag number on this card and keep it safe and with you at all times!  It keeps your purse and wallet safe too!