Launched in March 2012 MyTAG offer a broad range of specialist, and bespoke, asset tracking products and services to corporate clients and individuals.  The core of our business is a bespoke online solution that allows the safe and secure asset management of pets and items. The product design and development uses traditional, as well as new technologies, and cloud-based solutions to deliver unique, far-reaching products and services to our clients.

Primarily a B2B company, we specialise in creating innovative branded gifts to promote and raise brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, capture accurate customer data and increase employee satisfaction in line with our customer centric approach.  You can find below some of the suite of services that we provide today to our clients and partners:


Branded promotional gifts are a great way to connect and stay connected to your customers, or future prospects - keeping your brand visible and in their hearts and minds. Our innovative range of promotional products can cleverly link your messaging to mobile phones, pet id tags, keys or luggage tags. Solutions lock customers in by the value add which is recognised – at its core is the added benefit of accurate data capture for continued prospect engagement. A well considered branded promotional gift will give your event marketing campaigns, and customer retention strategy that extra edge.


We work with our corporate clients to create innovative branded lost and found recovery items which promote brand awareness and more importantly strengthen customer loyalty. Winning new customers is key to the growth of any business, however retaining these customers can prove challenging due to the intranet, competition and customer buying trends. Despite living in what has become a throw-away society, customers understand the value of safeguarding their belongings from total loss. Each year consumers spend millions of pounds replacing lost items because of a lack of ID. Losing things can be annoying, time wasting, upsetting and affect productivity. MyTAG’s range of solutions encourage consumers to keep their personal contact details up to date, thus allowing clients the opportunity to communicate with their customer base about related promotions and offerings at a later stage. Contact us to talk about how we can work together to improve your retention strategy.


Our lost and found global pet recovery service enables customers to tag and register their pets onto MyTAG’s secure pet database via a unique pet tag number, linking owners to their pets, 24/7, wherever they are in the world. Understanding the importance of confidentiality and security, no pet or personal information is ever disclosed. If a pet is found, our system will automatically alert the owner via text and email immediately of the whereabouts and how to be reunited, quickly and hassle free. MyTAG pet ID tags are not just a tag, click here to learn more about the enormous benefits and distinctive features. We’re very proud to be working with charitable organisations such as Blue Cross. Branded pet ID tags have the power to be able to support and raise the awareness and visibility of your organisation, promote your mission, increase revenue, maximise your fundraising capabilities and promote responsible pet ownership. 


As technology has moved on, MyTAG have designed and developed a range of pet ID tags and asset tracking services that are supported by a 24 hour dedicated UK contact line and multi-lingual website, they have evolved to now include QR Codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies that interact with smart phones and NFC enabled mobile devices to report a found pet or item quickly and effortlessly. Our NFC solutions are purely intranet based and therefore do not require an App as a part of the solution. In most cases finder reports will include a geo-location map of the exact location where the item was scanned and found. Want to know more contact the corporate team at