Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag
  • Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag
  • Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag
  • Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag
  • Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag
  • Blue Cross Charity Pet ID Tag

We are proud to be working with The Blue Cross Charity, who now provide every dog that is rehomed from one of their centres a special MyTAG powered Blue Cross Pet ID Tag.

You can now buy one of these tags for your pets - suitable for cats and dogs and with every tag sold WE WILL DONATE £5.00 directly to the Blue Cross Charity.

These tags work in the same way as our other pet ID tags.  Simply log into your new account and register the tag against your name - not forgetting to add as many contacts as possible to your profile - these could be a neighbour, friend, vet or dog walker for example.  Your profile allows you to add photo's and other information such as your pets age, microchip number or dietary requirements.

If someone finds your pet, the finder can contact us via email, our website or via our 24 hour dedicated UK contact centre.  MyTAG will contact you instantly by text, email or phone. If we can’t reach you, we will alert one of your emergency contacts that you have provided.   

If your pet goes missing we do everything we can to help you. We contact Vets, Rescue Centres and Wardens within a 25 mile radius – so whilst you are out busy searching, we can alert all centres.

Each tag comes with:

  • 12 months, or lifetime MyTAG global lost and found recovery service cover
  • Blue Cross customers have the option to upgrade to lifetime cover for an additional £14.99 at the end of their 12 months free cover
  • automated lost reports sent to vets, wardens and rescue centres within a 25 mile radius
  • access to free downloadable missing pet posters
  • free tag replacements should your tag get lost or damaged 
  • MyTAG finder reward - if someone finds your pet we'll send them a gift to say thank you.

This tag is made from metal and has a hard, durable coating which is waterproof and scratch resistant.

Click here to read about How MyTAG for Pets Works & discover the MyTAG Pet Options available. 

FREE Blue Cross Wallet Recovery Card
With every Blue Cross Pet ID tag you will receive a Blue Cross Wallet Recovery Card which contains MyTAG’s 24/7 contact number and website address. Remember to write your pet ID tag number on this card and keep it safe and with you at all times!  It keeps your purse and wallet safe too!

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now but we won't be able to ship it until it becomes available again.