Family Tech Pack
  • Family Tech Pack
  • Family Tech Pack
Great value to protect family and friends mobile phones, passports, Ipads, Kindles and much more!
Everyday thousands of items are inadvertently left behind in airports, taxis, trains and other public places, with the vast majority of them not able to be returned to their owner due to the lack of any visible ID.

MyTAG's Family Tech Pack includes 15 Security ID Tags which can provide a speedy, hassle free method of getting your belongings back to you if found.  ID tags carry no personal information, but instead have a unique identification number which links you to your things 24/7.

MyTAG ID Tag features include:

  • lifetime MyTAG lost and found service cover - no annual fees
  • MyTAG's 24/7 helpline 
  • on-line profile - with free updates
  • multi-lingual website - in case your tablet is found overseas
  • free replacements should it get lost or damaged 
  • MyTAG finder reward

Pack includes: 15 Lost & Found Recovery Stickers

FREE Wallet Recovery Card
With every MyTAG purchase we give away a free MyTAG Wallet Recovery Card which contains MyTAG’s 24/7 contact number, website address and your PIN number. Remember to write your pet ID tag number on this card and keep it safe and with you at all times!  It keeps your purse and wallet safe too!

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now but we won't be able to ship it until it becomes available again.