Holiday Travel Pack
  • Holiday Travel Pack
  • Holiday Travel Pack
  • Holiday Travel Pack
26 million suitcases go missing each year across airports worldwide!

Whether business or pleasure - losing your personal belongings, your passport or even your luggage is immensely inconvenient, stressful and can spoil your travel plans.

MyTAG's Travel ID Tags carry no personal information, but instead have a unique identification number which links you to your luggage 24/7 - wherever you may be in the world. Tags are clear and easy to read making it easier for airport lost and found personnel to contact us.

With a 80% recovery rate there's a good chance if lost you'll get yours back.

MyTAG Travel Tags features include:

  • lifetime MyTAG lost and found service cover - no annual fees
  • MyTAG's 24/7 helpline 
  • on-line profile - with free updates
  • multi-lingual website - in case your luggage is found overseas
  • free replacements should they get lost or damaged 
  • MyTAG finder reward

Luggage tags are made from hard, durable, scratch free and waterprooof plastic

Pack includes: 1 Luggage Tag & 5 Stickers

FREE Wallet Recovery Card
With every MyTAG purchase we give away a free MyTAG Wallet Recovery Card which contains MyTAG’s 24/7 contact number, website address and your PIN number. Remember to write your pet ID tag number on this card and keep it safe and with you at all times!  It keeps your purse and wallet safe too!

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