• Dear John, We have had the garden supposedly dog proofed to prevent Rufus escaping, that's four times now and he seems to always find a new escape route!!  Thank you to MyTAG for getting him home, again...
  • Thank you so much for MyTAGS quick response after my keys had been found. My husband took my set out when he went out with our dogs, and lost them during their walk. He picked them up from the finder shortly after getting your message. We also gave them a bottle of wine by way of thanks from us.
  • At Hills of Woodford we have been using MYTAG for the past year.  We are extremely pleased with the service that it offers but more importantly that MYTAG customers are very happy with the products. It offers them a better chance of finding their belongings which is extremely important to the general public.
    There is nothing else even remotely comparable to MYTAG and I would definitely recommend that everyone has one.